Configuring Canyon

Once you've set up Canyon, you may want to tweak some options. The regular and bukkit.yml are present and work as you would expect, but Canyon also adds its own configuration file, canyon.yml, with more advanced options.


canyon.yml is used to configure functionality specific to Canyon.

The default configuration is extremely conservative, preferring vanilla behavior and maximum compatibility over all else. This is great for dropping in Canyon and getting a virtually unchanged experience (but with less lag), but you don't get the full benefits of switching to Canyon.

We strongly encourage you to tweak the canyon.yml. We've provided descriptions of the settings and our own (opinionated) recommendations.

    use-new-networking-stack: false
    auto-save-every: 6000
    arrow-despawn-rate: 1200
    item-despawn-rate: 6000

Global settings (settings group)

These settings modify the behavior of the entire server.


  • Default: false
  • Optimized: true

Enables a new, experimental network stack built on top of the Netty library, which also sees use in modern versions of Minecraft. You will get the best results when Canyon is running on Linux or macOS.

The new networking stack provides many improvements:

  • More accurate information about disconnects, with an attendant reduction in console spam.
  • A much smoother game play experience, including faster chunk sending, especially when paired with Canyon's native async chunk loading.
  • Takes full advantage of multiple CPU cores to compress chunk data, compared to the old stack which used a single thread for offloading chunk compression.
  • Uses native polling functionality and I/O multiplexing, compared to the old network stack which spawns up to 3 threads per player.

The new networking stack is incompatible with any plugin that tries to modify packets, such as Orebfuscator. If you use any of these plugins, you should not enable the new networking stack.

By default, due to potential plugin and mod incompatibilities, this option is disabled by default.


  • Default: 6000
  • Optimized: 6000

Determines how many ticks the server should wait before initiating an auto-save.

To revert to the previous save behavior (beware, this will increase lag), you should set this to 40.

Optimization settings (optimization group)

These settings modify the entire server, but are tightly focused on performance enhancements.


  • Default: 1200
  • Optimized: 400

How long (in ticks) Canyon should wait before removing arrows stuck on the ground. The default Minecraft setting is to keep the arrows for 1 minute before despawning. The optimized setting cuts this to 20 seconds.


  • Default: 6000
  • Optimized: 1200

How long (in ticks) Canyon should wait before removing items that have not been picked up off the ground. The default Minecraft setting is to keep items for 5 minutes before despawning. The optimized setting cuts this to 1 minute.